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Discover How We Can Sell Your Home Even If:

  • You Have Listed Your Home With An Agent Before
  • Your Property is Currently a Rental
  • You Have Already Moved Or Need To Move Soon
  • You Have Inherited An Unwanted Property
  • Your Property Is Worth Less Than What You Owe

   If you have a home for sale or are considering selling, you should know there is another viable option to a traditional listing. Depending on your situation, this option could end up putting a lot more money in your pocket. The fact is, selling a home is never an easy task. Nitpicky buyers, open houses, multiple showings, offers, counter offers, long lists of repair requests (both before the inspections and more after the inspections), not to mention the cost and time involved in selling your home.

    The average listing commission today is 6%, and every buyer expects you to pay their closing costs. It is your home after all, but if you want to consummate the sale, you are likely going to concede some portion of the buyer’s closing costs.

That’s typically an additional 3%. Price reductions, selling fees, commissions, and paying the buyer’s closing costs usually means taking a deep discount.

    On top of that, thanks to the ‘mortgage meltdown’ and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage today can be tough. Statistically, almost 80% of our population cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan. And not everyone can plunk down 20% cash to buy.

    Well-qualified buyers are turned down for their end financing all the time, and seemingly iron-clad offers fall through last minute over and over due to funding more than any reason. Seasoning requirements are often measured in years not months. Needless to say, selling a home in today’s market can be quite challenging.

    At Little Pink Houses of America, we have developed a proprietary sales plan for you that can sell your home fast and for more money. You will typically receive at or close to full retail value, all at a fraction of the cost (and time) of using a usual sales routine. This is done by selling your home with our Executive Lease Purchase Program!

If you can be flexible and can invest some time into your home, we may very well be able to maximize the return on your investment and move you forward.

    We are a Real Estate Investment Firm specializing in Executive Level Owner Financing and Lease Purchase sales in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. We will structure the agreement to buy your home from day one, with your terms, conditions and your needs fully realized.

    Selling your home on a Lease Purchase or with Owner Financing means you get monthly cash flow, with all maintenance, repair, and upkeep taken care of, and we typically are willing to pay fair market value for the home today. It is a structured agreement to sell your home from day one, and in many cases, only requires a short period before you are fully paid off.

    If you list your home on the MLS, take an offer and add up the all the costs involved to sell today, then do the math, you can easily see a 20-25%+ difference in what you might end up taking for your home today, versus working with a short-term structured payment sale.

    Our agreements are heavily weighted in your favor, with us assuming all legal and moral responsibility of homeownership until you are cashed out in full during the predetermined length of term. Terms typically run from six months to two years, or longer if it benefits both parties.

Here’s HOW and WHY it works:

     Selling on a structured Lease Purchase/Owner Financing has many benefits to the seller and the buyer, creating a win- win proposition.
We will agree to buy your home from day one, with terms that will work for you. We have a broad list of pre-qualified buyers looking to purchase their dream home, who are seeking to buy on a Lease Purchase or with Owner Financing.

    We will locate a qualified tenant-buyer who will ultimately qualify for a mortgage within a specified period of time and cash you out. We are always marketing for new buyers and work hard at cultivating quality relationships with quality customers. Once we have an interested buyer in your home, the final due diligence process takes place.

    If everything at that point makes sense, we have a formal in-person interview with them. If the buyer loves the home and their financial criteria match up, we will present them to you for your approval. We will then construct terms and conditions for that buyer that are custom-made to their specific timeframe for financing with a mortgage, which also fit your needs and requirements.

    Our benchmark for success is to have every buyer we work with become a homeowner. There are three key factors that separate our business model from others:

1. First, the way we qualify our buyers. All of our buyers go through a thorough due diligence process, which begins by being qualified as a traditional borrower. We enlist the use of a third party company who will verify job, income, credit, credit score and credit history, debt to income ratios, credit/mortgage readiness, as well as a criminal background check which includes Megan’s Law offenders. They provide us with the specific reasons the buyer cannot finance today and give us a timeframe and concise blueprint to when they will likely be able to finance. They also provide the specific steps that needed for them to get there. Every buyer is vetted thoroughly, and you will have full approval rights on anyone we would like to work with.

2. Second is our ability to structure favorable terms and conditions. From the information provided to us by the third party company, we can custom-make the terms around the buyer’s ability and timeframe to finance, at the same time meeting the seller’s needs and requirements. Conditions to be considered are the purchase price, monthly payment, and length of term. We will work with you beforehand to create terms that you find agreeable and marketable.

3. Third is the way we implement and execute the final agreement. We do everything in our power to make sure we are setting up our buyer for success in ultimately obtaining a mortgage. We work with them closely throughout their term with us to ensure their success in getting to the financing table. We have a law firm prepare a complete closing package, which covers all bases, as well as a veteran real estate broker who reviews and signs off on all paperwork before closing.

Our Unique Marketing Approach

     We can attract quality buyers via targeted demographic marketing campaigns. Our marketing systems set us apart from the ordinary. We don’t just list your property in the MLS and tell you to drop the price every 30 days.

    We’ll have our marketing partner create your marketing platform through creative writing, professional-grade photography and colorful advertising, including Facebook and LinkedIn target marketing, YouTube (Google), and many other sources.

    Once your marketing campaign is complete, we send out your advertising in an email blast to our buyers’ list, currently over one thousand. Our end-buyers are pre-qualified through a very selective process.

    The target market we specialize in includes significant income buyers that are close to being mortgage ready that need and can certainly afford an Executive Level Home.

(Please note that we will not entertain any buyers until they are fully vetted.)

    With our experienced team of professionals, we take care of the whole process, start to finish. Our lawyers will prepare all the paperwork and close the transaction at the buyer’s cost.


    If your home is listed with an agent, in some instances, we can agree to a mutually inclusive arrangement, to get your property sold quickly.

    A more in-depth conversation is required to learn more about how our ‘Executive Lease Purchase Program’ can help you sell your home.

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